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Customer Service: How it works

STEP 1: What kind of issue do you have?


At Lariat our team works across departments. This means the person that helps you with a support ticket today could teach your training class tomorrow. The person who answers your call or email is able to "travel" with your questions... from training to support to billing. No transfers, no hold time (we hope!). Our flexible approach to customer service allows us help you faster and resolve problems efficiently. Our passion is to make you successful and we've structured our team to make that easy to do. But juuuust in case you're not sure who to talk to, let's walk you through it:


 Help ASAP 

I need training

 Or general support 

Send any problem or question our way! The best available team member will get back to you. 

This is also the best method for emergencies--rather than wait for your account manager--because anyone on the team can help you.

Need help now? Contact Support.

STEP 2: Contact the best team channel

While we don't anticipate problems, if you are having trouble accessing Lariat or getting techy error messages, contact us immediately. If it is broken, we want to know!

Do you have questions or have an issue with the software you'd like help with? Is there a new employee that needs to get up to speed? Regular hours support is unlimited and free. 

Your Account Manager


Your first stop for any problem or question should be your primary account manager. You know them--they know you and your company. 

Just note, your Lariat bud is often on the phone teaching hour long classes or helping nice folks like you--so they can't always answer the phone or email immediately. If you can wait, great! They'll respond as soon as possible. 


If not, make sure to head straight for support. 

I am not a customer

 Who Do I talk to? 

Don't have Lariat yet? If you have questions about the features of our collections platform or if you would like to see a live demo, we would love to speak with you!

Get your questions answered! Learn about our client portal, collections, or sales CRM. Or schedule a live demo or trial period.

Still have questions?


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